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End to End RCM Services

We offer innovative and efficient solutions customized to cater to your financial requirement.

Revenue cycle Expertise

Verification of Benefit

AR Management

Payment posting

Credit Balance Resolution

Medical Billing

Pre authorization

Denial Management

Focus on treating your patients while we take care of your business

Our expertise are to provide you comprehensive billing and insurance follow up services, surgery centre, physician practices, clinics and urgent care centre providers.

We expedite the process of getting paid through claims to receive funds faster, Our team has comprehensive
knowledge of the revenue cycle management.


Denial management at the back end of the sales cycle has much less influence than at the front end. Background checks on patients, such as confirming insurance coverage, identifying hidden payers, and managing credentials, are included in GPS Health’s pre-billing services. These aid in ensuring a seamless billing procedure.

  • Credentialing
  • Patient Access
  • Eligibility and Benefits Check
  • Referrals and Preauthorization
  • Medical Transcription


GPS Health takes care of the actions required for the timely filing of claims and carries out any necessary follow-ups.

  • Coding
  • HIM Management
  • Charge Entry and Submission
  • Rejects Management
  • Secondary and Tertiary Insurance Billing
  • DDE Support


We keep track of customer daily deposits and reconcile payments to each claim on their behalf. Each payment is then posted to the appropriate line item, enabling clients to spot payment trends and enhance operational procedures.

  • Cash Applications
  • Denial Posting
  • Credit Balance Resolution Projects


We monitor unpaid claims balances for our clients and undertake all post-care activities required for clients to receive payment for the services they rendered.
  • Denial Management and Root Cause Analysis
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Appeals
  • Aged AR collections
  • Cash Acceleration Programs
  • Small Balance A/R Recovery
  • $0 Balance Reviews

Add-on Services


Coding is one of the most sensitive processes in the revenue cycle therefore our dedicated team review and scrutiny the documents for accuracy.  Accurate coding increases higher revenues and decreases the denials 

  • Accurate Coding
  • Quality checks
  • Review process
  • Experienced Coders

Patient services

We offer a range of post-care support to patients, improving patient experience and satisfaction as well as our client’s bottom line.

  • Patient Billing
  • Patient Customer Service Calls
  • Self-Pay Early Out Follow Up Services

Old AR

  • Denial Management and Root Cause
  • Analysis
  • Insurance Collection
  • Appeals
  • Aged AR collections
  • Cash Acceleration
  • Programs
  • Credit Balance Resolution
  • Projects


These processes involve evaluating the qualifications of healthcare providers and requesting their enrolment or contracting with a plan or network.

This is to ensure that healthcare providers meet standards and can participate in insurance networks

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